Paul Liias

Space Policy, Technology and Law

Engineer redefining the development of space policy

Who is Paul?


I’m a passionate product developer and I love creating new visions and executing them. 

Today I’m working as Head of Space at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication for Estonia, which includes leading the Estonian Delegation to the European Space Agency (ESA) and Estonian participation to the EU Space Programme.

I believe policy making should be more agile – policymakers should lead with vision and know their field to be able to execute fast.

I have created the Estonian Space Policy and Program 2020-2027. Right now I’m working on Estonian national space legislation and many other space policy initiatives with regional and global impact.

Paul's Portfolio

In the Paul’s Space Blog I write about my own work with space policy, technology and law. The views and opinions are my own and might not reflect the official opinions of Estonia.

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